It's not every day that you have koalas in your front gum tree in suburban Kensington Park Adelaide.

Our normally peacful ironbark gum has attracted a family of koalas, and plenty of neighbours and on lookers too.
20 Oct 2009. Scoll down.

See movie clip below ( Family domestic ) -or-: Movie clip: Up and over the back fence taken 19Nov 2009

Koala family before the drama began:

The movie clip was taken just as the baby koala ventured further out on a thin limb,
with the male trying to coax it back.
Suddenly the female and male argued, the baby moved further out.
The whole branch collapsed from the weight of the male bouncing the limb as he swiped at the female.
The baby fell about 1.5 meters on it's back, but bounced back up.
The male also fell but was immediately up into the smaller red flowering gum.
Within minutes both were back in the tree.

To see the action R-Click the picture below and select Play:

The End... well they stayed another night.
Several different Koalas now regularly visit the tree.

Movie clip: Up and over the back fence 19Nov 2009