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Face Care Products  (12 items)

  A1 Night Face & Eye Cream ( Calendula)
Night Cream

A beautifuly rich moisturising cream.
Safe for sensitive skin.
Volume 50ml, sufficient for approx 2.5-3months
  A2 Restore Facial Serum (Day Moisturiser)
Restore Serum

A restorative serum for delicate face & eye areas. A daytime face moisturiser.
Volume 50ml, sufficient for approx 2.5-3months
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  A3 Eyelift Touch Up Serum
Eye Lift Serum

To reduce puffiness and tone fine lines around the eyes.
  A4 Cleopatra Cleanser
Cleo Cleanser

Facial cleanser, make up remover, spot healer.
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  A5 Scrub - Lime & Fennel Face Scrub
Face Scrub

Face scrub to gently exfoliate dead cells and stimulate healthy skin.
  A6 Face Mist (Rose) - Hydrate & Tone
Face Mist

Tone & Hydrate, Aromatheraputic, Excellent for Sun Damaged & Aging Skin
  A7 Mask - Deep Cleansing

Deep cleansing face mask to draw out impurities.
  A8. Balance Face Lotion (for oily complexions)
Balance Lotion

For use for acne prone and / or oily skin.
  A9. Face Toner - Astringent
Witch hazel Toner

Natural astringent for face toning & clarifying.
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  Grumpy Blokes Face Moisturiser
Grumpy Blokes Cream

Moisturiser for blokes! Banish dry or shave irritated skin.
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  Grumpy Wild Blokes Toner & After Shave
Night Cream

Toner & After shave
  Lip Balms - Lime,Lavender,Lemon Myrtle

Soothing, nourishing, healing - anytime. Handy twist tube container.